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We are a 501(c)3 organization whose primary goals are: providing students with scholarship assistance, supporting Fairmont Heights High School students with their morale and welfare activities, recommending ideas for improving the quality of education at the "NEW" Fairmont Heights High School and maintaining the legacy of "Historic" Fairmont Heights High School located in Capitol Heights, Maryland.


Hello Hornets! I am Daphne Bell, the current President of the Fairmont Heights High School Alumni Association (FHHSAA). We are unique and like no other organization due in part to the vast and rich history of Fairmont Heights High School (FHHS). It's historical significance is second to none. We will need your continued support and help (financially - pay annual dues or become a lifetime member) and in person (join a committee - attend meeting and events) in order to keep the dream alive. Let your voice be heard and be a part of the process in determining the future of "historic" Fairmont Heights High School. Your support and comments are welcome.


Your ideas, opinions and suggestions are very important to us! If you have any input or suggestions for the FHHS Alumni Association, please contact: Daphne Bell at E-Mail: or FHHSAA website at E-Mail address: .



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